January Statistics

  • Month training time: 33 hours 24 minutes
  • Month training distance: 772km
  • Overall RAAM training time (i.e. from September onwards): 113 hours 20 minutes
  • Overall RAAM training distance: 2917km

Following a disastrous December (I was fully geared up to do a lot of riding over Christmas, but like many others spent too much time recovering from a nasty bout of flu), I was anxious to get in four good riding weeks during January. I managed to get back into a decent routine with the focus on training rather than merely riding to cover distance. This meant pushing hard during the 1-2 hour training sessions as well as keeping the pace high for the longer rides. I successfully avoided the indoor turbo trainer for the entire month (which must be a first!) but it did mean spending all 33 hours of training in conditions hovering around 0°C – I can’t say that was much fun.

Next month I am hoping to build on the good work done in January and I am planning to carry out a RAAM simulation ride over a period of 36 hours. A lot of RAAM riders recommend doing such an experiment and although it will be a big test both physically and mentally, I am sure the lessons I will learn will be invaluable going forward. Other things I am looking forward to in February? I have my first sportive of the year coming up on the 27th (the infamous Hell of the Ashdown) and I am also hopeful for some better weather. How long can the weather really remain this miserable?

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One Response to January Statistics

  1. barretstown says:

    Guys – see you still training away. We love this blog and being able to read about how training is going and it really makes us realise what a challenge this is. To everyone reading this – here’s how these guys will help improve the lives of children with cancer and their families. Best of luck from all of us at Barretstown.

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