Let there be light – Magicshine UK join Team Norton Rose

Of the many pieces of kit we will need to take with us for RAAM 2011, we identified getting a good quality set of lights as a priority. The race doesn’t stop from the moment the starting gun is fired so teams have to contend with the dangers of night time cycling if they are to reach the finish line on the east coast. Descending at 40-50mph is demanding enough during the day, but at night time the chances of coming off your bike at speed are greatly increased. Sir Steve Redgrave suffered a very painful crash whilst attempting RAAM last year which forced him to pull out and leave his team ride to the finish without him.

It was Brian who took the lead role of tub-thumper and on behalf of Team Norton Rose, he put the sponsorship feelers out to a number of companies and luckily for us got an extremely positive response from Magicshine UK, a family business based in Northampton which sells niche products to fellow cyclists. Our contact, Bonita, was very enthusiastic about our project and agreed to join the team as exclusive provider of lights and race radios.

We were very quickly each sent a set of front and rear lights with the promise of more to follow before the day of the race. I had the chance to road test my set during my RAAM rehearsal last weekend. The Magicshine lights are excellent and they lit up the Derbyshire country lanes very well giving me plenty of time to evade the worst of the potholes left behind by the harsh UK winter.

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