A real pain in the neck

There are a range of injuries the typical cyclist will suffer from: tendonitis in the knees; saddles sores; a tight ITB muscle stopping the knee cap from tracking properly; perhaps a bit of road rash from an unfortunate dust-up with the tarmac. These issues are very much par for the course and although you can injury-proof yourself to a certain extent through extensive base training, you’ll have to deal with little niggles and pains on a regular basis.

One nuisance I wasn’t expecting to deal with until the race was a pain in my neck and shoulders. It’s quite obvious now that I have committed a cardinal sin and not built a sufficiently stable set of “core” muscles. The pain is becoming more acute with every training ride meaning a trip to the physio is becoming inevitable. It has highlighted to me the importance of off-the-bike training – neglecting the basics almost always leads to injury.

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