February Statistics

  • Month training time: 43 hours 40 minutes
  • Month training distance: 1,135 km
  • Overall RAAM training time (i.e. from September onwards): 157 hours
  • Overall RAAM training distance: 4,052 km

The key to a very solid February has been consistency. Even though it is a short month I have posted my best mileage total to date and have really seen some results because of that. For each of the four weeks I have managed to tick off at least 250km with one bumper week (during which I conducted a short RAAM simulation) spiking the total a little higher. The weather has been better which has allowed me to get back to the 4-6 hour rides on the weekend. I very much enjoy getting out into the countryside, spending a little time outside of the city. But I don’t treat the long rides as an excuse for an amble round quiet roads, I relish the chance to drive myself over the hills of the North Downs. They may not be the Rockies but they will be my staple training diet until RAAM.

With the RAAM seminar completed, the crew steadily growing in number as well as enthusiasm and a successful Hell of the Ashdown sportive, February has been a very satisfying month.

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