No time to waste

A quick glance at the calendar confirms that there are only 10 full training weeks left until RAAM begins. That is enough to set a few alarms bells ringing but I think that if our team can string together a series of good training weeks we should be in good shape come the start in Oceanside.

It’s been a few weeks since our last blog, so here is a brief update of what’s been happening:

– our crew has grown to 10 members and we have most of the required team roles covered. We are still keeping our eyes open for a mechanic, but it might be that we have to deal with running repairs ourselves when we are Stateside;

– we have taken delivery of a couple of Planet X time trial bikes (Stealth models). Planet X have been kind enough to loan them to Team Norton Rose for the race and Brian in particular has taken to his like a duck to water. He currently holds the lead in the 1hr TT challenge;

– Rob is currently off ill (he assures us it is genuine) with a perforated ear drum. Cause yet to be established but fingers are being pointed at his Spinal Tap-esque ipod playlist which he constantly turns up to 11 during his turbo sessions;

– plans are well underway for our cycle trip to Ireland next weekend (April 8-10). We are making the 750 mile round trip for two reasons. Firstly, we are all really excited to be visiting the charity we are supporting who are based in Barretstown, Ireland (about 50 miles south of Dublin). Our firm has been involved with Barretstown for a number of years but none of our team has made a visit to see the work carried on there. When we met with the Barretstown folk in London before Christmas we all came away very enthused so I can only imagine our motivation being sky high when we actually see the camp. Secondly, the trip will serve as an excellent training/bonding exercise. We will not be carrying out changeovers at the same intensity as in RAAM itself, but we are sure to take away a number of valuable lessons. Provided the weather holds, we should be in for an excellent journey.

Finally, I’m not sure how many of you are aware of James Cracknell’s series on the Discovery Channel on Thursday evenings. I watched the first episode last week where James took on the Marathon des Sables (6 days gruelling running through Moroccan desert). For any of you who may have recently eaten, I will spare you the details but suffice to say he suffered during the race. Not for the first time in his career though, he came out on top and managed the best ever finish by a Brit at the MDS. The next episode (which was first aired last night) covered his ill-fated attempt to race across America by bike. Should make for compelling viewing.

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