The blog has been neglected over the last few weeks due to a whole host of reasons but we are still here – it’s just over two weeks to race day and the nerves are starting to kick in!

A summary of recent developments:

We held a fantastic fundraising dinner during which we raised just under £10,000. Thanks to everyone who attended and made the night such a great success.

Our race kit arrived which we are really pleased with. We will post a picture when we get chance.

Training has progressed very well with the last few weeks being our final opportunity to really nail our sessions before the race. I always find this final finishing work to be the best part of training for a big event as it helps convince yourself that you are well prepared (whether I feel equally bullish on day 3 remains to be seen)…

We still have a few logistical headaches to deal with (such as sending over 60kg of high5 products to the USA….) but on the whole I think we are getting there.

Keep checking back over the next few weeks as we will be publishing regular pre race updates as well as a load of updates during the race!

In the mean time, we are desperate to reach our fundraising target so please follow the link to our justgiving page and make a donation!

Thanks for reading


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