Not long now…

Things have continued to move really quickly with the last couple of weeks becoming a blur of final training and logistical hurdles. One of our biggest headaches has come from trying to ship all of our race nutrition to the states, however as I type, over 100kg of High5 products will hopefully be arriving in Oceanside.

Other last minute jobs have included having our bikes serviced, ordering bike boxes and trying to find a way of getting our vast quantities of gear out to the start line without incurring too much in the way of excess baggage charges.

Brian arrived in California over the weekend, with the rest of us due to arrive on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Once we arrive we will have a manic few days getting the vehicles and bikes ready for the race as well as attending various meetings with the race organisers (hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to get some time in at the beach as well…).

We are loaded up with technology to hopefully ensure that you can track us during the race, with regular updates appearing on this blog as well as on our twitter page @teamnortonrose.

For those readers that are interested in our training, I can confirm that the total distance covered in training between the four of us is currently hovering around the 30,000km mark. Looking back at my first post on this blog shortly after my shoulder operation shows just how far we have come. Its frightening to think about how many evenings and weekends have been lost to the turbo trainer in the interim, but it is clear that without all this work we would be struggling to make it through the first day, never mind the sixth or seventh.

So far our fundraising has gone really well, but we are still someway short of our target of £50,000. We are desperately keen to hit this target, so please make your way across to our just giving page and make a donation to Barretstown!

Donate here

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