Philip’s post RAAM catch up

The following was penned by crew member Philip Schock

It has now been a week since most of us got back to the UK, after what can only be described as an “experience”, epic in magnitude, superlative in scale and downright exhausting! I think everyone who took part will agree that it is a stressful experience, akin to racing to a deadline to close a corporate deal/ file pleadings at court (such drole lawyer references!!)……but continuously for 6 days 9 hours and 16 minutes, while planning a route across desolate, sparsely inhabited states, through towns with friendly (and sometimes odd) folk, as well as lush mountainous areas with winding roads and all the while trying to force feed citrus flavoured protein/carb shakes down the throats of the riders (who only rejected such nutritional advances when they were already ingesting a caffeine gel, or in the case of Anthony an apple turnover)!

Chris and Melrose, the solid “vehicle 1” crew duo, stayed on in the US to continue a roadtrip to Chicago and the Great Lakes. Clearly they had not had enough of the US highways, gas stations and general road related paraphernalia with an American twist in that week covering 3000 miles! I look forward to hearing the details of their extended adventure.

RAAM has affected all of us, particularly our sleeping habits. I am not referring to the jet lag, but the post traumatic effects of having “lived” RAAM for breakfast, aperitif, lunch, dinner, midnight snack, mahlzeit, high tea and elevenses 24-7.

Both Marina and Shratty woke up in the middle of the second night in the hotel in Annapolis, got dressed and ran out of their room ready for a “rider changeover”, I have only recently stopped talking about lycra, helmets and water bottles when I wake up in the morning. Rob, I hear is still finding it hard to not wake up at 3am worrying where the third support vehicle is ready for his changeover!! I am also adamant that some of the people having lunch outside the office are plain clothed RAAM officials – just as well I’ve got my lights on.

Ivan, the Norton Rose media guru, has received most of the footage we’ve taken, so we will hopefully have a video of the adventure for everyone to see in a short while. We are also in the process of writing an epic day by day account of the race which will be published as soon as we have got our head around where we were at what time….. Finally, there are some photos on the official RAAM website of both the riders and crew!

Fund raising efforts have so far been really successful, but we’re still trying to get closer to our target for Barretstown, so please check out our JustGiving page on the link below:


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